This service includes wedding, ground-cover, trimming/controlling, debris removal, removal of spent blooms, monitoring and removal of browning leaves and branches. This is a must have service because it ensures your yard maintains its curb appeal throughout the year.

Landscaping Lighting Installation

We offer this service as an important part of our landscaping services, since we know that lighting is vital to the well-being and aesthetics of your property.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a strong structure that is made to keep a hill, slope or mound of earth in place. Unlike indoor walls, retaining walls receive pressure horizontally instead of vertically. Due to the weight of the earth behind the wall, a retaining structure must adhere to high construction standards. We have vast experience in building this effective protection in your property.

Water Falls and Fish Ponds

We are experts in building waterfalls and fish ponds. We use the best materials to reach outstanding and beautiful results.


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