Alfa Landscaping LLC can build beautiful and functional paving services. Of course, we use the best materials on the market, such as stones, bricks, or blocks.
You can have a continuous sidewalk-style design or lay a stepping stone path. Pavers can be good for making pathways to different areas in a backyard and also work well for laying a path from the driveway to the front door.

Walkway Outdoor Kitchen

A basic patio kitchen usually features a grill, a sink, and an under-counter refrigerator. These are the three most common components in the best outdoor kitchens and are usually where most folks start with their kitchen design. Depending on your budget, you can add a little storage, lighting, and electrical outlets. The ideal outdoor kitchen also should contain side burners and an ice bucket.

Vinyl and Wood Fence Installation

Alfa Landscaping LLC has endless experience when it comes to fence installation. We know all the techniques and materials to perform a great job. Metal, wood, and synthetic, such as vinyl, are widely used in fence installation.

Wood is one of the most timeless types of fence materials. You can build almost any kind of fence with wood. Wood is a versatile choice because you can paint it, stain it, or simply feature the natural grain. Cedar, redwood and pressure-treated wood are the most popular options because they are the most weather resistant.