About Our Company

Alfa Landscaping, LLC is a “green” company, which means we are environmentally oriented. For that reason, we use only organic materials every time we can; also, we have only state-of-the-art tools to accomplish the most demanding tasks.
We do commercial and residential jobs, regardless of the size and the struggle we have to endure to finish them to perfection.

We offer Landscaping, Hardscaping, Patios, Paver, and Retaining Walls services.
We have 26 years of experience in this very competitive market. In addition, we cover the whole of New Jersey state.

All of our jobs are 100% guaranteed, and we are licensed and insured; thus, our client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Furthermore, our estimates are 100% free with no conditions whatsoever, and we show work designs.

  • We offer a maximum 15% discount to new customers, and we remind them not to rely only on the price, but on the quality of the work.


  • We work with the hope of turning our slogan “We would like to be part of your family” into a reality.



Residential & Commercial

Why Choose Us

It’s evident that making Alfa Landscaping, LLC part of any project you may have will work in your favor because you will be in the best hands. Our involvement includes expert advice, orientation and a complete analysis of the whole situation; hence, mistakes will be substantially controlled, and you will have a better view of the situation.

Because we buy our materials in large quantities, we give the best prices on the market.
Respect for the environment is a plus in our communities today, and our 100% free estimates show we honor our word and that we truly have our clients in great regard.

We can go on and on, but Alfa Landscaping, LLC presentation will suffice for you to make us the perfect choice for your Landscaping, Hardscaping, Patio, Paver, and Retaining Wall services.
Hence, please don’t hesitate to call Alfa Landscaping LLC at (732) 921-5663. An expert is waiting for your phone call to respond to any questions you may have; however, if you prefer a written estimate, please ask for your 100% free one.